Distributor Curve Worksheet
Please include as much of the following information as you have available.  If you need any of the parts listed below, please note this information. This must be sent with the Distributor.
Client Name  
Mailing address  
City, State, Zip  
Phone Number  
E-mail address  
Model number on distributor  
Vehicle Make/ Model  
Vehicle Year  
Engine Compression  
Cylinder Pressures  
Cylinder Head Work  
Ported or Manifold Vacuum  
Exhaust System  
Roller Rockers  
Standard/ Premium Grade Fuel  
Transmission Type  
Points/ Pertronix/ Crane/ CEI  
Coil type/brand  
Cap/ Rotor  
Spark Plug Wires  
Other performance enhancements?  
Additional Comments  
Payment preference/credit card number:  
expiration date & 3 digit security code  
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